Professional Designers Of Customized Home Theatre & Home-Automation Systems


Ross Holloway started West Coast Systems in 2002, after more than 20 years experience in designing and installing home theatre and home-automation systems. Ross has a C-10 Electrical license, an Alarm license, and is fully bonded and insured for your safety.

Over the past seven years, Ross and his firm, West Coast Systems, have earned a stellar reputation for designing and installing quality home theatre and home-automation systems for clients from Santa Barbara to Beverly Hills.

We’re known for professional service, quality workmanship, reliable products and competitive pricing – all delivered with courtesy and integrity.

Large Enough to Deliver, Small Enough to Care

At West Coast Systems, we like to think we’re uniquely suited to meet all your home theatre and home-automation needs. We’re large enough to have multiple teams of technicians and installers to serve you quickly and professionally, yet small enough to guarantee that every project begins with meeting our owner/founder, Ross Holloway. Similarly, we’re large enough to command discounts from product manufacturers which we gladly pass on to you, yet we’re also small enough to remember the finest details and preferences of your customized project.

We believe you’ll find us refreshingly easy to work with too. With West Coast Systems, there’s no need to contact numerous different vendors to design, install and service the various elements of your system. That’s because we have the experience and capabilities to build your entire system. And, because your system will be designed to work together, it will perform better, be easier to use, and be much faster to repair, service or upgrade.

A Complete, Customized System is Only Weeks Away

Whether you own an upscale tract home, a prestigious private residence, or even a business or agency that needs the same types of systems, you can count on us to design, install and support a user-friendly system that integrates all the key elements in home entertainment and automation.

In a matter of weeks, you can soon be enjoying a complete system customized to your exact needs, one that features all the key elements in home entertainment and home-automation, including home theatre, audio/video distribution, whole-house audio, lighting control, computers/networking, climate control, gate/access control, telephone/intercom, security/alarms/fire systems.